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Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis found in the world today. Like most arthritis sufferers, those who suffer from Osteoarthritis have to deal with pain, stiffness, and swelling almost daily. The slightest thing can cause a flare up, causing pain and irritation to the sufferer. Those who suffer from Osteoarthritis often find that their treatment options are very limited, especially if they are dealing with arthritis in a place that can not be operated on. Long time use of NSAID's is not recommended by most physicians, and can cause serious stomach upset over a long period of time.

Osteo Bi-Flex

One alternative to long time NSAID usage and surgery is herbal supplements. Herbal supplements are made of all natural ingredients, and many are extremely safe for a person to consume. The herbs and minerals used in the supplement can often help those who are suffering from Osteoarthritis to live a less painful, and possibly pain-free, existence, without any side effects.


Osteo Bi-Flex is an herbal product that the manufacturer touts as the "#1 doctor recommended brand for joint pain". It claims to use a new, patent-pending ingredient that is called 5-Loxin, which is supposed to help the patient to feel free from pain and to promote joint mobility at the same time.


Those taking Osteo Bi-Flex are said to feel less pain, and more joint mobility, in a matter of a week or less. The manufacturer claims that the supplement helps to renew the cartilage in the body where it has been worn away due to the arthritis. It also claims to lubricate the joints in order to lessen the pain immediately, while also helping to improve the range of motion over a set amount of time.


The main ingredient of Osteo Bi-Flex, 5-Loxin, has not been approved at this point by the FDA, nor has it been fully patented yet. It is, however, on the list for a patent. It is created using the extract from the boswellia serrata plant, a plant that is found mainly growing in India. Many in India have claimed that the extract of the plant has been used to help prevent Osteoarthritis pain for generations, but scientists are only just getting around to studying the plant and the effect that is has on those who suffer from joint degeneration.

Osteo Bi-Flex also uses Glucosamine and Chondroitin in its formula. Both of these medications have been found to be fairly safe for use, and both are often found in arthritis formulas. The only warning factor is for those who are allergic to shellfish, as Glucosamine is created by using shellfish and may cause a problem to those who have that specific allergy, although many who are allergic to shellfish take Glucosamine and have no problem with it.

Osteo Bi-Flex comes in a variety of different strengths, and claims that their formulas are the perfect way to help those suffering from Osteoarthritis to get their lives back.


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Consumer Rating Exomine Phosoplex Osteo Bi-Flex
Results Excellent Excellent Average
Boron Yes- 1mg Yes- 3mg Yes- 3mg
Glucosamine Yes- 1500mg Yes- 750mg Yes- 1500mg
Chondroitin Yes- 100mg Yes- 200mg Yes- 1200mg
BioCell Collagen Yes- 500mg Yes- 600mg No
Hyaluronic Acid Yes- 50mg Yes- 50mg No
Methane (MSM)
Yes- 800mg Yes- 375mg No
Vitamin C Yes- 250mg No Yes- 60mg
Guarantee 180 days 30 Days None
Price $59.95 $49.95 $56.99
Quantity Discounts Yes No No
Customer Satisfaction High High Average
Overall Score 94/100 89/100 85/100


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